Director Message


Mr. Alok Kumar Ranjan

( Director )

We are indeed privileged to be given an opportunity to interact with you. At the outset, let me sincerely congratulate you on deciding to become a Judge. Being a member of the judiciary is one of the best way of serving society, such a career choice is the most worthy of admiration. Welcome to the world of Ambition, which is a synonym to teaching of law & reckoned & recognized as India’s the only institute especially dedicated to learning of law which is reflected in its name “Ambition Law Institute” where Ambition is shaping legal careers through institutionalized teaching & training. Our unparalleled commitment, unquestionable integrity & intelligence have guided us to achieve the numero uno position in the legal field .We stand for our pledge and we promise to deliver the best and to serve you in the most intelligent manner.

Ambition Law Institute has been fortunate to formulate fruitful interactions and associations with Bar Associations, Law Schools, Court Establishment and Civil Service Training Academies so that a dynamic, meaningful and evolutionary outlook towards a preparation strategy can be devised to successfully combat the tedious entrance examination process. With numerous selections over the last two decade, Ambition is the leader in providing the supreme quality preparatory guidance.

We believe in the capabilities of every student who walks through our doors and we make our sole objective to provide them exemplary learning experiences. It is the world of smart working people and not only hard working, so the hours of study do not matter rather it is the approach & strategy which count. In this regard, Ambition has always been available to guide the students in every aspect which can yield the best result. As these days, success does not come only by learning law but even proficiency in English, depth of General knowledge, writing skills in Essay & mastery in translation also count, so we give importance to these areas also by conducting classes for these things. As you might be aware that many students know law but they fail due to their unpreparedness in other areas but at the same these things can not be overemphasized. So we have formulated our lecture plan to give them desired importance. Lastly, I sincerely look forward to meet you and genuinely wish you the very best of luck for your future endeavors.

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