Judicial Services Examination

Judicial Services Examination

Judicial Services Examination

To those, who have an inclination towards public service or the trappings of state authority, the judiciary can be a worthwhile option. Not only, it is a way to remain closely connected with the law throughout your professional life, but also one that offers the satisfaction of working for the good of society, an intellectually stimulating profession where you shall command the respect of the common man. Ambition Law Institute provides the best Judicial Services Examination program in India.

🎯 There are two avenues open to become a member of the judiciary. The first and better known one is to start a litigation practice and hope to get elevated to the bench. The other option is to participate in the competitive process for the judicial services.

🎯The judicial services have two entry levels. The first is for fresh graduates through an entrance exam conducted by the respective state public service commissions (like Punjab, Haryana, UP, MP, Rajasthan etc.) or the High Court (Delhi). The syllabus for these exams can be found on the website of the commissions and includes law subjects along with English, General Knowledge and the Local language of the state. An entry through this avenue assures you of time based promotions and a secured employment early on in your career.

🎯The second avenue through which you may join the judicial service is known as the Higher Judicial
Service (HJS). This service is open for lawyers with a certain prescribed minimum years (Seven years) of litigation practice. For that applicants have to appear in a competitive examination conducted by the High Court of Judicature of different states and the syllabus for which is similar to the one described above. The advantage with this option is that if selected the applicant gets posted as an additional district judge, who significantly hastens promotional prospects and the candidate can become a High Court Judge.

How to Crack Judicial services Examination in First attempt

Judicial services Examination

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